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Effective pipe repair and blocked drain services not only need expertise, deep industry knowledge and quality materials but they also require prompt responses and fast remediation to avoid a simple issue causing significant damage. The Relining Company has been fixing pipe and sewer issues for over twenty years, and has balanced experience in the field with leveraging new technology to provide fast and effective repair services all over Sydney.


Marrickville is a wonderful up-and-coming area with old heritage style homes alongside 70s brick builds and modern contemporary apartments. Throw into the mix new and old warehouses, restaurants and businesses and you have a suburb with a large variation of pipe and sewers systems and a whole range of issues to contend with. The Relining Company has seen it all and has the experience to diagnose and repair your plumbing concerns in no time.


The Relining Company’s Marrickville repair and blocked drain services include:

No-dig pipe repair services

Excavation of damaged pipes is the nightmare of any property owner. It is destructive, takes a long time to complete and even longer to restore the property to its original state.

The Relining Company has invested significant time in finding alternatives to traditional pipe replacement  and now offers trenchless, no-dig repairs called pipe relining. Pipe relining uses a small keyhole to enter the damaged pipe. The pipe is cleared out using a high pressure jet and is then lined by a flexible material called epoxy resin. This material then sets into an extremely hard substance which becomes the new wall of your pipe.


There are significant advantages to pipe relining:


  • It doesn’t require excavation. With no need to dig into your backyard or driveway we can avoid a lot of damage to your property and offer a much faster fix than traditional repairs.


  • High quality repair. The life expectancy of the Brawoliner material that we use is up to fifty years, making it just as durable as traditional pipe replacement.


  • More cost effective. With less time and less manpower required pipe relining can also be up to half the price of pipe replacement.

Tree root removal and repair

In the residential areas of Marrickville where trees are common, root damage can be a significant cause of pipe problems. Tree roots are attracted to the water and nutrients in pipes and can infiltrate and widen cracks causing serious structural damage.


The Relining Company uses CCTV cameras to inspect the damage, clears out the roots through a high pressure jet and then repairs any structural damage to the pipes by relining them with Brawoliner for a durable and quality fix.

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