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The Relining Company is one of Moore Park’s most experienced plumbing providers. With over two decades of inspecting plumbing systems, unblocking drains and repairing broken pipes in and around the area, we have made a name for ourselves as reliable, knowledgeable and technically proficient pipe relining and blocked drain service specialists.

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One of Sydney’s more unique areas, Moore Park is a mixture of sunny parkland, a large commercial entertainment quarter and a scattering of residential homes. The fact that the area is such as stark mix between nature, commercial, sporting, entertainment and residential, means that the architecture and plumbing systems of each structure varies wildly, making an experienced plumber a must for any work done in the area.


Our services and Moore Park include:


Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipes, drains and sewer lines are normally buried beneath the ground of your garden or under the floor of your home. Traditionally, this meant that if you had a leak or degraded pipe the whole thing would need to be dug up, which involved excavating your garden or breaking through the floor or tiling of your home.

Pipe relining was invented as a way to avoid having to dig up old pipes, instead we use a small keyhole to reach into the pipe and repair it from the inside. We do this by lining the walls with epoxy resin, a flexible material that sets as hard as rock and replaces the interior of your pipe, allowing water and waste to move through the structure without impediment.


Some advantages of pipe relining include:


  • Sturdy fix for pipe damage. Pipe relining is extremely reliable and has a fifty year life expectancy, making it even better than pipe replacement in some cases.
  • A cleaner repair. With pipe relining there’s no need to damage the floors of the house or garden by digging out the old pipe.
  • A less costly service. Pipe relining is generally more affordable than pipe replacement because it takes less time and labour to complete.

Moore Park Tree Root Damage Repair

Moore Park is an area filled with trees and nature, which makes root damage to homes common as trees invade plumbing systems looking for nutrients. If we suspect root damage in your home we will start by inspecting the pipes through a thin camera, remove the roots using a high pressure jet and then repair the walls through pipe relining.


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