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The plumbing sector has changed dramatically over the last few decades due to massive advances in technology, which is why The Relining Company has made it our mission to combine our considerable experience with the newest tools to always provide our clients with the best pipe relining and blocked drain solutions available today.   

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Following an old Aboriginal track that flowed down King Street, Parramatta Road and Broadway, Newtown is Sydney’s largest commercial strip of Victorian and Federation premises in Sydney. Known as “Eat Street” by many locals today Newtown is an eclectic mix of historical buildings, modern residences and chic food, fashion and nightlife outlets. The considerable age of many of Newtown’s buildings means that the neighbourhood can benefit greatly from an experienced pipe relining and blocked drain services provider for any plumbing repairs required.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Newtown include:



Newtown Pipe Repair

Pipe repair is a word that is often met with alarmed looks from customers, who shudder at the idea of someone digging up their backyard or breaking through their bathroom tiling to get at the pipes below. Luckily for our clients, pipe relining is a technology that allows us to repair pipes without digging them out of the ground. We simply use a small keyhole to enter the pipe and then apply air pressure to line the walls with epoxy resin. This material hardens and repairs any faults or cracks in the walls.

Pipe relining comes with a host of benefits:


  • Less chance of harming property. Because pipe relining doesn’t require digging, there is much less chance of damaging the surrounding landscape.
  • Long guarantee on the repair. The Relining Company offers a 25 year guarantee on our pipe relining work to show our confidence in its quality.
  • Better cost effectiveness.  Pipe relining is cost effective because it takes less time and manpower than pipe replacement.

Newtown Tree Root Damage Repair

Not all blocked drains are caused by human error, some are just unfortunate results of nature, with trees looking for nutrients and invading pipes to get at the water and nutrients inside. The Relining Company offers a specialised service for tree root damage, which involves cutting the roots out of the pipe and relining the walls of the plumbing to repair the damage and protect the pipe from reinvasion.


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