Pennant Hills Pipe Relining

The Relining Company has been repairing cracked sewer drain, mending household pipes and unblocking toilets in Pennant Hills for a very long time. With over 20 years in the field we have combined our expertise and training with the newest technology, to ensure that our clients have the best services available on the market.

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A fast growing and ever changing area of the Hills District, Pennant Hills has a history of European settlement reaching back into the mid 1800s. The suburb is situated amongst hills with views over the mountains in the distance and plenty of greenery for the kids to play in. The idyllic scenery however also comes with plenty of plumbing problems, both historic and modern, that require a firm understanding on the local infrastructure to properly maintain and repair.


The Relining Company’s pipe repair and blocked drain services in Pennant Hills include:



Pennant Hills No-Dig Pipe Relining

Pipe repair has been completely transformed over the last few decades. Traditionally repairing a pipe meant having the dig it out and then replace it with a new one. As one can imagine digging out a pipe is messy work and often leaves patches of the garden or house in need of repair afterwards.

Pipe relining on the other hand doesn’t require the excavation of the old pipe, it only needs a small keyhole to reach the damaged area and insert a material called Brawoliner, which is a type of epoxy resin that gets lined against the walls of the pipe and hardens, repairing any existing holes, faults or cracks.

There are many advantages of pipe relining over pipe replacement:


  • Less damage to the home. Leaving the original pipe in place means that there is no damage to the home from excavation.
  • 50 year life expectancy. Pipe relining is a high quality fix that has a life expectancy of up to 50 years!
  • Cost effective pipe repair. Pipe relining can be less than half the price of pipe replacement due to the fact that it requires less time and less labour to complete.

Pennant Hills Tree Root Damage Repair

As a suburb with plenty of trees and green, Pennant Hills often suffers from tree root damage to pipes. This happens as the tree looks for water and nutrients and finds small faults in a pipe to infiltrate, once the root is inside the pipe it starts to grow and widens the gap, severely damaging the plumbing.


This type of issue is the bread and butter of The Relining Company. We first inspect the affected pipe with a thin CCTV camera from the inside, clear out any tree roots using a water lance and then use our relining technique to patch up the walls and get your water flowing again.

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