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Through decades of work flushing out blocked drains, repairing severely broken pipes and cutting out invasive root damage, The Relining Company has become one of the most experienced plumbing providers that service Arcadia. Our reputation for expertise and reliability comes from our constant dedication to our customers and our promise to always provide the best pipe relining and blocked drain services available on the market.

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It isn’t hard to see how Arcadia got a name that means pastoralism and harmony with nature. Nestled at the edges of the Hills District this suburb is a green, semi-rural oasis, but still within commuting distance to Sydney. With a mixture of agricultural and residential buildings, Arcadian properties require an experienced plumber who understands the local environment.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Arcadia include:




Traditionally a broken pipe could only be fixed by excavating it out of the ground and replacing it with a new one. This caused a number of issues but most prominently it meant having to break apart spotless lawns, or crack open tiles, floors and driveways to get to the pipes.

This is why pipe relining was invented, to give plumbers a way to repair pipes without having to dig them up. It works by using a small keyhole to enter the pipe and reline the walls with epoxy resin, a material that hardens and overlays any damaged sections.


The advantages of pipe relining are:


  • Durable plumbing repair. Pipe relining has the long life expectancy of fifty years, making it one of the most durable fixes on the market.
  • No excavation needed. With no excavation required pipe relining is far less destructive than alternatives.
  • Affordable. Pipe relining is affordable with less time and less manual labour required, making it up to 50% cheaper than pipe replacement.


Arcadia Tree Root Damage Services

Arcadia is one of Sydney’s greenest neighbourhoods, making tree root damage extremely common to pipes. It happens when pipes have existing faults that trees can invade to get to the nutrients inside. Once they have a foothold they begin to grow, widening the cracks and causing serious damage to the pipes.


At The Relining Company our goal is to try and repair the damage as quickly as possible without digging out the pipe or tree. So after inspecting the issue, we clear out the roots from the pipe using a water lance and then reline the walls with epoxy resin to stop the tree from invading again.


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