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A damaged pipe can start off as a weird sound as you turn on a tap or slower than normal drainage in your toilet but can quickly develop into a serious issue, causing water damage to your property and setting your plumbing out of commission for days or weeks. That’s why The Relining Company focuses on getting on location as fast as possible to fix the issue before it can really become a major structural problem.

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Ashfield was one of the earliest settlements for the British in Sydney, settled in the beginning of the 1800s it boomed by being one of the first stops on the Sydney to Parramatta railway line. Formerly a village and then a getaway for rich residents trying to get out of the city, today Ashfield is one of the most dense suburbs in Sydney. With architectural styles ranging from art deco flats to federation-era homes and large modern sky rises it takes an experienced plumber to know how to diagnose and treat the many water and waste issues that crop up in the popular suburb.


The Relining Company’s services in Ashfield include:




No-dig pipe repair, also called pipe relining, was invented as a response to the destructive and time consuming method of replacing pipes that used to dominate the plumbing industry. In the past having a broken pipe meant that you had to dig it out to replace it with a new one, this digging would often mean having to damage property by excavating the garden or the floor of the home.

Pipe relining on the other hand allows the old pipe to remain in place and simply uses a small entry hole to repair the pipe from the inside. This is done by lining the walls of the pipe with epoxy resin which is a flexible material that sets and becomes extremely hard, essentially patching up any cracks or damage to the pipes from the inside.


The benefits of pipe relining are:


  • Excellent standard of repair. Pipe relining is a high quality fix and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years!
  • Less harm to property. With no digging involved there is far less damage to the property.
  • More cost efficient. Pipe relining takes far less time and labour than pipe replacement, which means in can be a significantly cheaper fix.

Ashfield Tree Root Damage Services

Ashfield is one of Sydney great green suburbs and this comes with the common issue of tree roots invading pipes. This normally happens to clay pipes that used rubber in their joins, which can be easy for trees to infiltrate as they look for water and nutrients.


The Relining Company offers efficient tree root removal and damage repair. We use a high pressure jet or robotic cutting to remove the tree roots within the pipe and then reline the walls to ensure that the plants can’t reinvade in the same area again.


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