Baulkham Hills Pipe Relining

The Relining Company has been fixing broken pipes, clearing out root damage and unblocking toilets in Baulkam Hills for over two decades. In that time we have built a rock hard reputation for being a reliable and experienced plumbing provider for all pipe repair and blocked drain needs.

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A beautiful, green suburb hidden away in the North West reaches of Sydney, Baulkam Hills was formerly farm land and then slowly became converted into a residential area from the 60s onwards. With houses from the 60s to modern estates, plumbing systems in the area can be complex and require an experienced, reliable plumbing service provider to effectively diagnose and treat any water and waste system issues you might be having in your home.


The Relining Company’s pipe repair and blocked drain services in Baulkam Hills include:



Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair has been a revelation in the plumbing industry. Traditionally repairing pipes often meant having to dig them out of the ground and then replace them with a new one. This caused damage to the property and cost an inordinate amount of time to complete.

Trenchless pipe relining on the other hand leaves the old pipe in place and simply uses a small keyhole to reline the walls with epoxy resin, repairing any cracks or faults without having to excavate the existing plumbing systems.


The advantages of pipe relining over pipe replacement are many:


  • Long life expectancy. Pipe relining is done using epoxy resin which has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.
  • Less damage to your property. Digging out old pipes can be quite destructive, especially if it requires excavating the garden, driveway or floor of the home, which makes pipe relining a much cleaner alternative.
  • More cost effective pipe repair. Pipe relining can be as little as half the price of pipe replacement because it takes less time and less labour to complete.

Baulkam Hills Tree Root Services

Baulkam Hills is a green, leafy suburb nestled between the streets of the Hills District. This makes root damage to pipes a common occurrence in homes. Root damage occurs when plants, searching for water, use small crack or faults to infiltrate a pipe, and then widen the opening cause serious damage.


The Relining Company has a long history of identifying and repairing tree root damage to plumbing systems. Our methodology starts with examining the issue with a CCTV camera, clearing out the debris with a high pressure water lance and then using epoxy resin to repair the walls of the pipes, cutting off further intrusion.


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