Birchgrove Pipe Relining

Your home’s plumbing system is one of its most important features, allowing you to cook, bathe, clean and generally perform the functions that allow you to move through everyday life. The Relining Company are experts at repairing and maintaining pipe, sewers and drains to ensure that you are not delayed by the inconvenience of a blocked or damaged plumbing system for longer than absolutely necessary.

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One of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Sydney, Birchgrove enjoys waterfront views and stunning natural features. Its residential history reaches back into the early 1800s making many of the homes, businesses and recreational buildings historical. While endowing rustic charm on any neighbourhood, older homes also mean plumbing systems that have been used for many years, meaning that access to a dedicated plumbing professional can be a real advantage to homeowners in the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Birchgrove include:



The old days of digging up entire sections of plumbing in order to replace a cracked pipe are long gone. Today we have the technology to repair pipes within the ground without any excavation using a technique called pipe relining.

Pipe relining works by using a keyhole to enter the pipe where it lies underground in order to access the interior cavity. Once this is done we mix epoxy resin with a hardening agent, and then use air pressure to introduce it into the pipe and line the walls with the mixture. This material sticks to the wall and hardens, becoming the new walls of the existing pipe without needing to excavate the old plumbing.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • Better guarantee. Pipe relining has a life expectancy of 50 years, allowing us to provide a longer 25 year guarantee on our services.
  • Better repair. Pipe relining has the benefit of no excavation, which avoids the need to damage the home through digging.
  • Cost effective fix. Pipe relining is cost effective due to savings in time and labour, making it as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Birchgrove Root Damage Repair

With waterfront views and an abundance of nature Birchgrove is often afflicted by tree root damage to residential pipes. This happens when trees find small cracks in the plumbing system and invade the interior of the pipe with their roots, causing structural damage.


The Relining Company clears out the roots of the tree and relines the walls of the pipe with epoxy resin, repairing the damage without needing to pull out the pipe or tree.


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