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Plumbers and plumbing services are a quick search away for most people, however, with the pace of technology moving so fast, it is important to find a plumbing provider that is keeping up with new developments. The Relining Company is an innovative pipe relining and blocked drain service provider that focuses on marrying reliable, quality work with the newest technology to give our clients the best solutions to their plumbing problems.

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One of Sydney’s oldest suburbs, with estate ownership stretching back to 1819, Chippendale is one of the oldest of the city’s modern hubs. From townhouses to high density apartments and the stunning Central construction, it is a suburb with architecture from all eras of Australian history. The Relining Company has been working in the neighbourhood for over 20 years, meaning that we understand the infrastructure and plumbing systems that have gone into the construction of the suburb.


Our pipe relining and blocked drain services in Chippendale include:



Repairing plumbing that’s been sitting underground for decades or fixing modern systems in Chippendale high rises might seam like a daunting and difficult task but the evolution of the plumbing industry has made it easier than ever. While in the past pipes would need to be excavated in order to be repaired, today pipes can be repaired underground without ever digging out the old plumbing.

Pipe relining is a proven technique that uses a textile like material called epoxy resin, mixing it with a hardening agent and then introducing it into the pipe using a small keyhole. Air pressure is then used to stick the epoxy resin to the walls of the pipe, repairing the damage without needing to excavate.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Less destructive solution. Pipe relining is a cleaner fix because it doesn’t require that the pipe is dug out of the ground to repair it.
  • Better quality repair. Pipe relining is a high quality fix with a guarantee of 25 years!
  • Inexpensive choice. Pipe relining is extremely affordable and can be as little as 50% of the price of pipe replacement.

Chippendale Root Damage Repair

While less common in Chippendale than other Sydney suburbs because of the high density buildings, tree root damage to pipes still does happen. This is caused by roots searching for water and invading pipes to get at the nutrients and moisture inside. The Relining Company has developed a specialty solution for this kind of damage which starts with inspecting the inside of the pipe with a small camera and then clearing out the roots using a high pressure jet. Once this is done we reline the walls to repair any residual damage.



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