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Chiswick has seen its fair share of degraded plumbing, cracked pipes and blocked drains over the last twenty years, which is why The Relining Company has become one of the city’s most experienced and effective plumbing providers in the area. With a reputation for reliable, honest work, The Relining Company makes promptness and quality a serious priority for the business.

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Originally known by its Aboriginal name Bigi Bigi, Chiswick is a small suburb nestled away between Abbotsford and Five Dock Bays. Today Chiswick takes its name from a village on the Thames along with Greenwich, Woolwich, Henley and Putney due to the reputation of Parramatta River as the Thames of the opposite side of the world. Like any Sydney suburb that has gone through a change in recent years Chiswick requires an expert pipe relining and blocked drain service provider to properly maintain the mix of traditional Australian homes and newer high density apartments.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Chiswick include:



Most people still think that pipe repair involves digging out the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. This old technique was labour intensive and could be seriously troublesome as plumbers were forced to dig up gardens or tiling in the home.

Pipe relining offers a modern solution to this age old problem by allowing plumbers to repair the pipe instead of replace it. They do this by leaving the damaged pipe in the ground and relining the walls with a hardening material called epoxy resin, this repairs the inside of the pipe and allows liquid to flow through it freely again.


Pipe relining has a number of advantages:


  • Fix without damage. The most damaging part of pipe repair is digging out the old pipe, which is why pipe relining is such a quality alternative.
  • 25 year guarantee. Pipe relining has a long life expectancy of 50 years, allowing us to give an extended guarantee to all our customers.
  • Cost effective quality. Pipe relining is a high quality fix that can be done for as little as half the price of pipe replacement.



Chiswick Tree Root Damage Repair

Roots from trees are constantly looking for water and can cause serious damage to pipes if they find cracks that they can invade and widen. Chiswick is a green area making root damage to pipes common, which is why The Relining Company has developed a simple and effective way to clear out pipes and then reline interior with epoxy resin, repairing the damage without digging out the pipe or tree.



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