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Healthy drainage and plumbing system is vital for any home, making a trusted and reliable pipe repair and blocked drain service provider a must for any property owner. The Relining Company specialises in providing fast and effective plumbing services focused on using our blend of experience and technology to quickly rectify any pipe, drain, or sewer issue in your home or business.

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Named the Parklands Suburb of the Inner West, Concord is one of the greenest and most nature focused areas in the whole of Sydney. A hub for great food and a family friendly vibe this neighbourhood has a history reaching back into the early 1800s. As with any area that has such a long residential history Concord has plenty of plumbing problems to go with it, with common issues ranging from blocked toilets and kitchen sinks to serious tree root damage to plumbing systems.


The Relining Company’s pipe repair and blocked drain services in Concord include:


Pipe relining has overtaken traditional pipe replacement as the go to fix for damaged plumbing infrastructure. Unlike replacing a pipe, pipe relining doesn’t require you to dig up the damaged area, it simply needs a small entry hole to reach the pipe and insert a material called Brawoliner inside to reline the walls. Brawoliner, made of epoxy resin, then sets against the walls of the damaged pipe and hardens, patching up any holes, cracks or faults and repairing the issue without ever having to excavate the old pipe.

The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • No removal of the old pipe. Pipe relining doesn’t require excavation which means it is far less destructive to your garden or floor than pipe replacement.
  • High quality materials. Brawoliner is made in Germany and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years!
  • More affordable repair. Pipe relining takes training and can be a relatively technical fix, however, it also requires less time and less labour meaning it can be as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Concord tree root damage repair

As one of the greenest areas in Sydney Concord homes are a target for tree root damage to pipes. The Relining Company uses a thin CCTV camera to inspect the inside of your pipes and see if roots have infiltrated your plumbing system. If they have we clear them out using a water lance and patch up the pipe using our relining technique, taking what used to be a serious problem and repairing it in less than a day.



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