Darlington Pipe Relining

Finding an experienced, dependable plumber in Darlington is no easy feat, which is why we focus heavily on building our reputation as one of the best service providers on the market. Our plumbers are trained to handle a wide variety of issues from blocked toilets and drain to cracked pipes and tree root damage. Our business is built on having a quick response time and providing high quality pipe relining and blocked drain services every time we step out of our vehicles and into our clients’ homes.

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Named after a Governor and a plant nursery, Darlington still shows signs of its early roots in its street names like Ivy, Pine, Myrtle, Rose, Vine and Shepherd Street. Today Darlington is one of Sydney’s most historic neighbourhoods, wedged between Redfern and the University of Sydney, it is home to stunning parks, old terraced homes, and modern builds that require a knowledgeable plumbing service provider to maintain.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Darlington include:



The plumbing industry is always looking for better ways to solve the age old problem of repairing plumbing buried underground. The good news is that developments in plumbing now mean that it is possible to repair a pipe without ever digging it up.

The Relining Company offers pipe relining, which is a technique that uses epoxy resin to line the inside of the pipe through a small hole, this material then hardens and sets against the wall, repairing any faults or cracks in the plumbing system.


This technique has a number of advantages:


  • Repair without breaking ground. Pipe relining only requires a small hole to repair the inside of the pipe, avoiding the need for destructive digging.
  • Fantastic guarantee. Our guarantee on pipe relining is 25 years due to the high quality nature of the plumbing solution.
  • Low cost. Pipe relining is less costly in time and labour, making it a more affordable option than pipe replacement.

Darlington Tree Root Damage Repair

While Darlington is a quiet and leafy suburb in the middle of the city it also commonly suffers from incursions of pipes by trees and their roots. This happens when trees send out feelers to find moisture and begin invading small cracks in pipes to get at the water inside. The Relining Company has developed a specialist solution to this kind of problem over the years, clearing out the pipes with a high pressure jet and then relining the walls with epoxy resin, which allows us to repair the damage without digging out the plumbing.



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