Drummoyne Pipe Relining

For more than two decades The Relining Company has been unblocking toilets and repairing cracked drains in Drummoyne. We have built a solid reputation in the suburb for providing reliable and efficient blocked drain and pipe repair services through our unique blend of cutting edge technology and long experience in the field.

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With a name meaning “flat topped ridge” in Gaelic, Drummoyne has been a historic centre for European residents reaching back into the 1800s. It is a stunning peninsula sitting on the Parramatta River, with beautiful views over Sydney Harbour and even parts of the city. Mostly occupied by houses, Drummoyne is home to a hundred different architectural styles and homes of varying age, making having an experienced plumber who knows their way around the block a must for maintaining the integrity of your water and waste systems.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Drummoyne include:


Pipe repair has taken a turn for the better in recent decades. While in the past the only way to repair a broken pipe was to excavate it and replace it with a new one, today there is a much less invasive solution called pipe relining. Pipe relining leaves the original pipe in place and uses a small entry hole to enter the pipe and reline the walls with epoxy resin. The epoxy resin then sets against the walls of the damaged pipe and hardens, patching up any faults, cracks or breaks in the plumbing.

There are many benefits to pipe relining over pipe replacement:


  • No need for excavation of the old pipe. This provides significant benefit, not only saving a lot of time, but also reducing the amount of damage the home would normally experience from excavation of the old pipe.
  • High quality pipe repair. The Relining Company uses Brawoliner, an epoxy resin material made in Germany, which has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.
  • More bang for your buck. Pipe relining takes less labour and less time than traditional pipe repair, which can mean a cost saving of up to 50%.

Drummoyne tree root damage repair

Tree root damage is one of the most common plumbing issues that affect homes in Drummoyne and can be especially tricky to fix. It occurs when roots infiltrate small cracks in a pipe to get at the water and nutrients inside. As the root grows so does the damage to the pipe, eventually leading to blocked drains and clogged plumbing.


Luckily The Relining Company’s pipe relining technique is an easy fix to tree root damage. First the roots are cleared out of the old pipe using a high pressure jet and then the walls are relined using Brawoliner to stop the tree from re-entering the plumbing system.


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