Dulwich Hill Pipe Relining

With more than 20 years of repairing pipes and unclogging drains in Dulwich Hill, we have come to know the local area and the needs of the community that lives there. By combining this experience with our deep understanding of the plumbing industry and innovative solutions, we offer some of the highest quality, and most efficient pipe repair and blocked drain services on the market.

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Just outside of the busy city limits, Dulwich Hill is an oasis of suburban idyll. Established only in 1892 the neighbourhood still boasts a large amount of Federation architecture alongside more modern and contemporary buildings. This mixture of styles and the age of much of the plumbing systems means that any work done should be chartered by an experienced and dependable plumbing service, that can provide the knowledge and quality that homes in Dulwich Hill require.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Dulwich Hill include:




Unlike decades ago a broken or cracked pipe today doesn’t have to be a big deal. In the past, upon finding out that your pipe was damaged, the only solution was to dig it out and find a replacement. While this might not sound so difficult it often meant that you had to damage the garden, backyard or floor to get to the pipes.

Pipe relining completely bypasses this issue by allowing us to repair the pipe from the inside by relining the walls with epoxy resin. This only requires a small hole to reach the pipe and then the material hardens against the inside, repairing the damage.


There are many benefits to pipe relining:


  • Leave the pipe underground. With pipe relining there is no need to dig, so less chance of damaging the surrounding property.
  • Better quality guarantees. The quality of pipe relining allows us to give a massive 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Cost efficient fees. Traditional pipe replacement can be double the price because of the labour and time costs, making pipe relining the cheaper choice.

Dulwich Hill Root Damage Repair

In a place like Dulwich Hill trees are notorious for getting their roots stuck into drains looking for water and nutrients, and once they have a foothold they can grow rapidly, causing damage to the pipe and plumbing.


Luckily, The Relining Company has provided specialists services for tree root damage for many years. We start by clearing out the roots with a high pressure jet and then we repair the pipe using pipe relining to stop reincursion of the plumbing system.


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