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With over two decades providing pipe relining and blocked drain services to Enmore and surrounding suburbs at The Relining Company we pride ourselves on our reputation as a dependable and first rate plumbing provider. With our quick response time, excellent customer service and keen eye for innovations in the industry there is no better provider on the market today.

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Home to Sydney’s oldest running live theatre, Enmore has a rich cultural and residential history reaching back to the early 1800s. Named after Enmore in England, the neighbourhood is comprised mostly of Victorian Era buildings. While they stunning pieces of architecture, this also means that the neighbourhood comes with aged plumbing, which makes an experienced pipe relining and blocked drain service provider vital to maintaining the performance of the waste and water systems in the suburb.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Enmore include:




Most people don’t make a habit of staying up to date with plumbing news and so probably aren’t aware of the strides that the industry has been making in improving pipe repair and maintenance. A broken pipe in the past meant having to dig it out but today we can repair it without ever having to remove it from the ground.

Pipe relining uses a small keyhole to enter the pipe and line the walls with epoxy resin mixed with a hardening agent. This mixture then sets against the walls of the pipe and repairs the damage allowing water and waste to travel unimpeded through the plumbing system again.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • No need to remove the pipe. Pipe relining allows us to leave the pipe underground and provide a cleaner fix for your plumbing.
  • 25 years service guarantee. The life expectancy of pipe relining is long, allowing us to provide a similarly hefty service guarantee.
  • Low cost fees. Pipe relining services are cheaper than pipe replacement because they take less time and manpower to complete.

Enmore Tree Root Damage Repair

Like much of the Inner West, Enmore is a leafy area which makes roots a common problem for pipes. Roots often invade plumbing when they find faults or cracks in the system, growing into the pipe and causing significant damage. To combat this issue we clear out any roots we find in the pipe and then to stop reincursion we line the walls with epoxy resin to repair the plumbing and act as a barrier for roots that might otherwise reinvade.



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