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Plumbing systems are an intricate set of arteries buried beneath our feet. Not only do they need to be taken care of and maintained but they are also prone to becoming blocked, damaged or cracked over time. The Relining Company specialises in providing quality, dependable pipe relining and blocked drain services, to ensure that any water and waste problem you have is taken care of with expert care.

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With a name derived from the shape of the bay along the Parramatta River, Five Dock is referenced all the way back in the days of the First Settlement. Today Five Dock is a pleasant family suburb mostly made up of Federation and California Bungalow style houses, although, years of growth and change have also seen buildings and a wide variety of architectural elements employed. This mix of modern and historical styles also means that the plumbing systems can be quite complex, making a modern, experienced plumber a real asset to any home.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Five Dock include:




Pipe repair used to be a long and dirty process, including digging out the old pipe from the ground which could cause significant damage to a home. We are lucky that today we have pipe relining, a technique which was designed to allow plumbers to repair, rather than replace old pipes where they lay in the ground.

Pipe relining works by using air pressure to stick a material called epoxy resin to the walls of your damaged pipe. This material then sets and repairs any cracks or faults in the pipe, all through a small keyhole that allows us to perform pipe relining without excavating the old plumbing. 


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • A gentler repair. Pipe relining is less invasive than pipe replacement because it avoids digging, making it much less likely to cause collateral damage to the house.
  • Long repair guarantee. The Relining Company has such faith in pipe relining that we offer a 25 year guarantee on any pipe relining work we do.
  • Affordable repairs. Pipe relining saves a lot on time and labour, allowing us to quote as little as half the price for similar pipe replacement services.

Five Dock Tree Root Damage Repair

Five Dock is packed with nature and parks, which means that roots often cause damage to the plumbing of surrounding houses. The Relining Company offers specialised tree root removal and pipe repair services, that involves our pipe relining technique, which allows us to fix the issues without digging up the tree or pipes.



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