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Our water and waste systems are so integrated into our lives that even the smallest pipe, sewer or drain issue can feel like a big deal. The Relining Company is a highly trained team of pipe relining and blocked drain service experts, that have been working in the plumbing sector for over 20 years, providing quality, reliable services to solve even the gravest problems as efficiently as possible.

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Glebe’s name comes from its origin as a “glebe”, which is an area of land that is granted to a parish to support the parish priest. Despite the unfamiliar meaning of its name the neighbourhood itself is a famous enclave of Sydney, known for its food and shopping opportunities. Like many areas of Sydney, the history and age of Glebe residences means that the area can really benefit from a dedicated and reliable pipe relining and blocked drain service provider.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Glebe include:




Most people who think of pipe repair probably have an image in their heads of a big trench excavated in their backyard or the tiles pulled out of their bathroom for a plumber to replace the pipe and bury it all up again. Luckily, while this might have been the case years ago, today pipe repair is a lot cleaner.

Pipe relining uses air pressure to stick a material called epoxy resin to the wall of a damaged pipe, to repair any cracks or faults in the structure. This is done by introducing the material through a small keyhole and into the pipe, with no need to dig out the damaged section of plumbing.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • No digging required. With no digging required pipe relining is a cleaner fix than pipe replacement.
  • Better guarantee. Pipe relining comes with a massive 25 year guarantee from The Relining Company.
  • Affordable alternative. Even though it hold many advantages pipe relining is also cheaper than pipe replacement because of the savings in time and labour.

Glebe Root Damage Repair Services

Glebe is one of the city’s greener neighbourhoods which, when combined with the age of its pipes, makes tree root damage to pipes common. The Relining Company is an expert at removing the tree roots from the pipe and repairing the damage to the plumbing using pipe relining without digging up the pipe or the tree, making it one of the most efficient and best quality solutions on the market today.



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