Haberfield Pipe Relining

If you’ve come home to find your drain blocked or stepped outside on a sunny weekend morning and found a broken pipe in your backyard, then there is probably only one thing on your mind, finding a reliable plumbing service provider that can fix the issue fast. The Relining Company has been relining pipes and unblocking drains in Haberfield for over two decades and in that time we have grown into one of Sydney’s preferred plumbing service providers due to our efficiency, quality and the dependability of our work. 

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Dubbed “the garden suburb” in the early twentieth century it isn’t hard to see why Haberfield earned such a name. With its well kept gardens, fine Federation homes and green, leafy streets Haberfield is truly one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Sydney. To ensure that it remains that way Haberfield’s plumbing service providers should similarly respect the quality of the suburb and provide the best services possible to ensure the integrity of the neighbourhood as a whole.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Haberfield include:




Repairing a pipe today no longer means that the plumber needs to dig up the old pipes and replace them with new ones. Instead, we use a small hole to reach the pipe where it is underground and use air pressure to line the walls with a textile-like material called epoxy resin, which hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.

This method has a host of benefits:


  • No trench digging. Digging a trench to remove the old pipe can be fairly destructive, which is what makes pipe relining the preferred alternative.
  • Longer lasting repair. Pipe relining repairs have a life expectancy of 50 years, which allows us to give a massive 25 years quality guarantee.
  • Quality at less expense. Pipe relining is a quality fix and because it takes less time and labour than pipe replacement it can also be as little as half the price.

Haberfield Root Damage Repair

The “garden suburb” is a fantastic name, but it also means that tree roots and tree root damage to pipes are common. This happens when trees find small holes in pipes and infiltrate them to get to the water and nutrients inside. While this was a difficult issue to resolve in the past, today we have pipe relining to streamline the rehabilitation, which involves removing the roots using a small hole and a high pressure jet and then relining the pipes to repair the damage caused by the tree.



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