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Paddington Pipe Relining and Repair

The Relining Company has been repairing pipes and unclogging blocked drains in Paddington for over 20 years. Our use of cutting edge plumbing technology married with our serious expertise makes us one of the go to providers of pipe repair and blocked drain services in the suburb.

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Away from the bustle and crowds of the lower part of Oxford Street, Paddington is a large suburb just outside the CBD. With European history leading back to the early 1840s Paddington has been one of Sydney’s longest and most densely populated residential areas since its inception. With structures still around since before the 20th century, later London terraces and modern builds, not to mention the stunning mature trees in this area, the plumbing and sewerage systems of the suburb can be complex. This makes having a reliable and experienced provider of pipe repair and blocked drain services important to maintaining the integrity of your home or business.


Our pipe relining and repair services in Paddington include:

Paddington Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe repair used to require the digging of a trench to remove the old plumbing and replace the pipes with new ones. This took time, serious labour and caused damage to the surrounding landscape.

Trenchless pipe repair, also known as pipe relining, is a cutting edge technique that uses a small entrance in the pipe to repair it from within. Epoxy resin is used to reline the walls of the pipe, which then hardens into a durable material that becomes the new walls, without ever having to remove the old pipe.


Trenchless pipe relining has a number of advantages:


  • Less destructive repairs. With no need to dig out the old pipe your floor, garden or driveway can stay intact.
  • Long life expectancy. The epoxy resin material used is called Brawoliner, and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years!
  • Affordable repair. Pipe relining takes less time and less labour to complete making it up to half the price of pipe replacement.

Paddington Tree Root Damage Repair

Paddington homes and their plumbing systems are often afflicted by root damage from trees looking for water. If plants find a fault in your pipes they will infiltrate the gap and widen the opening to get at the nutrients inside, often causing blocked drains and serious damage to your plumbing.


The Relining Company is experienced at quickly cleaning out the root damage by using a CCTV camera and water lance, and then relining the walls with epoxy resin to patch up the opening and ensure the tree cannot re-enter the pipe.

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