Pyrmont Pipe Relining

Plumbing and the whole pipe repair sector has undergone some radical changes in technology over the last few decades making it more efficient and better than ever for our customers. However, some services aren’t keeping up with the pace of change, which is why The Relining Company has made it a priority to always stay abreast of the newest developments and provide our clients with the best possible service available today.

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Starting off as a quarry then a shipbuilding and industrial sector, Pyrmont has undergone a great amount of change in recent years to become one of Sydney’s most important business and entertainment districts. Its mix of historical and heritage listed buildings rest alongside modern apartment blocks and offices, to make it one of the most architecturally rich and complex areas of the city. This makes an experienced plumber a must for any work done in the area.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Pyrmont include:



Pyrmont Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has quickly replaced pipe replacement as the preferred method of repairing a broken piece of plumbing beneath ground. Pipe replacement traditionally involved digging out the old pipe and putting a new one in its place, while pipe relining takes place completely underground. It involves using air pressure to stick epoxy resin to the walls of the pipe, which then hardens and patches up any holes or faults in the plumbing.

This method has a number of advantages including:


  • A solution that doesn’t require digging. Pipe relining is a trenchless solution, which makes it a cleaner fix than pipe replacement.
  • A longer guarantee. Pipe relining is a quality repair, which allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Durability at a better price. Pipe relining is durable but due to the decreased time and labour costs it is also often half the price of pipe replacement.

Pyrmont Root Damage Repair

Much of Pyrmont is relatively new, so tree root damage to pipes is not as common as in other areas of Sydney. However, when it does happen it can cause serious issues for the plumbing and some nasty blocked drains. Luckily, The Relining Company has a specialised service for removing the roots and repairing the pipe through pipe relining, without needing to dig up the pipe or tree.


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