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Whether we are doing a simple inspection of a pipe to diagnose reoccurring issues or we are repairing entire plumbing systems without digging them up, our services have developed dramatically over the last 20 years due to changes in plumbing technology. Today we are a modern and innovative pipe relining and blocked drain service provider, that is always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality and reliability of our work for our clients.

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Named after a famous surgeon in the 1800s, Redfern has a been through a lot of changes in its time from functioning as an industrial centre, hub of the Aboriginal rights movement and much more recently gentrification of the neighbourhood. Due to its more than two centuries of history and generations of people building and using the plumbing in the area, the whole system can get rather complicated, which is why having access to a dependable and experienced plumbing provider is so important in the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Redfern include:



Redfern Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is to plumbing, what smart phones were to the telecommunications industry. Pipe relining is a technique that allows plumbers to repair pipes without digging them out of the ground. Instead, we use a small hole to introduce epoxy resin into the pipe and line the walls with the material. This material then hardens and repairs any faults or cracks in the walls, all without needing to get out a shovel and start digging.

This technique has many benefits over traditional repairs:


  • Doesn’t require the digging of a trench. Pipe relining is minimally invasive, which allows us to repair the pipe underground, foregoing the need to dig.
  • Allows a long guarantee. The quality of pipe relining allows us to provide a 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Provides quality for less. Pipe relining saves customers time and labour, which allows us to offer better priced quotes than on traditional repairs.

Redfern Tree Root Damage Pipe Repair

Trees are notorious for having large and powerful root systems that are always exploring, trying to find a way to infiltrate pipes and get at the nutrients inside. In a leafy inner city suburb like Redfern this kind of damage is common, which is why The Relining Company has made root damage repair one of our specialties.


We begin by inspecting the pipe with a CCTV camera to diagnose the extent of the issue, and then cut out the roots using a high pressure jet. We then reline the walls with epoxy resin, to repair the damage with no digging required.

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