Rodd Point Pipe Relining

Whether it is trenchless pipe repair or small cameras used for diagnosing issues deep within the plumbing system, the plumbing industry has been completely overhauled by developments in technology. While some plumbing providers have been left behind, The Relining Company has made technology a crucial part of our offering, alongside good old fashioned reliable and high quality work.

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One of the more popular stops on the Bay Run, Rodd Point is a stunning waterfront neighbourhood between Five Dock and Russell Lea. Known for its natural beauty, its sport and recreational offerings as well as being one of Sydney’s older settled neighbourhoods there is a lot to like about the area. However, its 200 year history also means that its plumbing systems have seen generations of use, which is why a dedicated, reliable and experienced pipe relining and blocked drain service provider can be such an asset for residents in the area.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Rodd Point include:



Rodd Point Pipe Relining

Traditional pipe repair relied on plumbers digging through carefully maintained backyards or tiled bathroom floors to replace the damaged pipe. With relief this is no longer the case. Today we use a technique called pipe relining, which uses a small hole to reach the pipe underground and then employs air pressure to a material called epoxy resin to line the interior walls. This material hardens and repairs the pipe without needing to excavate.

Pipe relining holds many advantages:


  • No need to dig out the old pipe. Digging can be very problematic, so avoiding it altogether makes pipe relining a better alternative.
  • Better repair and guarantee. Pipe relining is a durable repair, which allows us to give a massive 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Easier on the wallet. With savings in labour and time, pipe relining can be significantly cheaper than pipe replacement.

Rodd Point Tree Root Damage Pipe Repair

A waterfront suburb like Rodd Point offers a stunning natural setting, but as a result tree root damage to pipes becomes a much more common occurrence than in areas without so much green. The Relining Company specialises in repairing this kind of damage. We start by clearing out the inside of the pipes with a high pressure jet and then we repair the damage using pipe relining. This allows us to make a durable repair without digging out the pipe or the tree.


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