Russell Lea Pipe Relining

Our pipes, sewers and drains are easily forgotten, however, if they aren’t properly maintained or are used in the wrong way they can easily become a serious issue in our home. The Relining Company is a specialist plumbing provider that offers quality pipe repair and blocked drain services, focusing on combining our innovative solutions with our long experience to provide a cutting edge service for our customers.

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First making up part of the Five Dock Farm estate in the late 1700s, Russell Lea has since grown into a suburb in its own right. With stunning waterfront views and nature packed streets it isn’t hard to see why so many large modern and federation homes have been built in the area. This clash of modernity with traditional architecture also means that every home has a different plan for their plumbing system, which is why an experienced and reliable pipe relining and blocked drain service provider is so important.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Russell Lea include:



Russell Lea Pipe Relining

If a broken pipe is not fixed quickly and efficiently it can do serious harm to the home, such as flooding and causing some pretty pricey water damage. One option for repair is pipe replacement, which can take a long time and requires digging out the broken pipe, which can also cause damage to whatever section of the home needs to be excavated.

To avoid all these complications plumbers have invented pipe relining, a technique for repairing pipes underground without excavation. It works by using a small hole to reach the pipe and then lining the walls using epoxy resin and air pressure. This epoxy resin material then hardens against the damaged walls and becomes the new pipe.


The benefits of pipe relining are many:

  • Removing the damaged pipe is not required. Without the need to dig, pipe relining is much cleaner than pipe replacement.
  • Outstanding longevity. Pipe relining is a very durable fix, allowing us to provide a 25 year guarantee on work completed.
  • Economical repair. Pipe relining is much more economical than pipe replacement because of the savings in time and labour.

Russell Lea Pipe Repair for Root Damage

Tree roots are a common problem for pipes residing underground, which is why in a place like Russell Lea, with its plentiful nature, it can be a reoccurring issue. The Relining Company has long experience with dealing with this kind of damage, starting by cutting out the tree roots from inside the pipe using a high pressure jet and then relining the walls of the pipe with epoxy resin to repair the damage and stop the root from reinvading.


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