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Technology is moving fast and it is no different for the plumbing industry, with sweeping advances that are changing the face of the sector. While some plumbers might be left behind The Relining Company has made it one of our founding values to always be up to date with the newest developments, marrying technology with our strong principles of reliable, efficient work to provide our customers with the best quality plumbing services available today.

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Named by a famous saddler after his birthplace in London, Stanmore became famous after the construction of Newington College, which made it a very desirable place to live in the early 1900s. Today Stanmore is made up of quiet neighbourhoods and a mix of heritage and modern architecture which makes an experienced and quality pipe relining and blocked drain service provider all the more valuable for residents of the area.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Stanmore include:



Stanmore Pipe Relining

The two main methods of pipe repair today are pipe replacement and pipe relining. Pipe replacement is the traditional way to repair pipes and involves digging out the damaged or burst section of plumbing and replacing it with a fresh pipe. The main issue with this kind of repair is the fact that digging out the old pipe requires collateral damage to the backyard or floor in order to do it, damage which then needs to be repaired.

That is why pipe relining is now the repair of choice for most plumbers because it doesn’t require excavation to complete. It works by using a small keyhole to enter the pipe and reline the walls with epoxy resin, a material that sticks to the wall using air pressure and hardens, becoming the new wall of the existing pipe.


The benefits of pipe relining are many:


  • No need to remove old pipe. There is no need to dig with pipe replacement, saving you from collateral damage to the surrounding landscape.
  • Excellent longevity. Pipe relining comes with a long 25 year guarantee because of its durability.
  • Competitive quotes. Piper relining can be half the price of pipe replacement because of the savings in time and labour.

Stanmore Pipe Repair for Root Damage

In a green neighbourhood like Stanmore tree roots can cause significant damage to pipes, particularly if they manage to infest the interior. The good news is that The Relining Company offers specialised services to repair this kind of damage without cutting out the tree or the pipe. We start by using a high pressure jet to remove the roots from the pipe and then repair the inside using our relining technique.


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