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The Relining Company has grown into one of Sydney’s prime pipe relining and blocked drain service providers, prompted by our decades of experience and focus on innovative solutions to plumbing problems. This modernization combined with our expertise has allows us to provide high quality plumbing services for our clients every single time.

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Named after a beautiful valley set at the foot of Mount Olympus in Greece, Tempe was historically home to a number of prominent families, sported a tram line and was a popular resort area. Now it is mostly used for residential purposes and is quickly growing in popularity due to its proximity to the city. With construction in the area reaching well back into the early 1800s it is a good idea to pick an experienced, reliable plumber for any work done in the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Tempe include:



Tempe Pipe Relining

While once pipe relining was a relatively new technology, today it has come to dominate the pipe repair industry. It began as a method intended to reduce the amount of excavation required to repair a pipe, allowing plumbers to fix the issues underground without needing to pull up the old pipe and cause damage to the house.

Pipe relining works by using a small hole to enter the damaged pipe and line its walls with epoxy resin, a material which hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.


The advantages of this pipe relining technique are:


  • Reduced chance of collateral damage. With excavation, damaging the area being dug out is a possibility, which makes pipe relining a cleaner fix as it avoids excavation altogether.
  • Fantastic lifespan. The life expectancy of pipe relining is 50 years, allowing us to offer a 25 year guarantee on our pipe relining work.
  • Competitive price. Pipe relining is highly competitive due to the reduced time and effort it takes to complete.

Tempe Tree Root Damage Repair

While once tree root damage to pipes was a difficult issue to deal with, today The Relining Company offers specialised root damage repair services to resolve the issue in a quick and lasting way. We begin by inspecting the extent of the damage in the pipe using a thin CCTV camera, then we remove the roots with a high pressure jet and repair the damage using our pipe relining technique. This methodology allows us to fix the issue without having to excavate the tree or the pipe.


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