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Not all plumbing services are created equal, with the best providers having both the expertise to get the job done right, as well as the forward thinking to adopt new technologies and try out innovative solutions to age old problems. At The Relining Company we have built our reputation on providing modern plumbing services with serious expertise, to offer cutting edge pipe relining and blocked drain services to our clients every single time.

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One of Sydney’s oldest suburbs, Ultimo has a long and varied history, from being the centre of Sydney’s industry and commerce during the late 1800s to being one of the most important centres of education in the country today, with the main campus of the University of Technology Sydney and the city’s largest TAFE institute. With a mix of converted warehouses, historic residences and cutting edge new buildings, the plumbing in the area can get pretty complicated, which is why having an experienced, modern plumbing provider is so important to any projects done in the area.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Ultimo include:



Ultimo Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has taken over as the primary method of repairing broken pipes in the plumbing industry. While before broken pipes needed to be excavated and replaced, now pipe relining allows us to repair the pipe where it lies in the ground.

Pipe relining works by using a small hole to access the broken pipe and then uses air pressure to line the walls with epoxy resin. This epoxy resin hardens and repairs the damage that the pipe has sustained, all without needing to dig.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Removing damaged plumbing not needed. Because removal of the damaged pipe is not needed, pipe relining is generally a more conservative approach than pipe replacement.
  • Durable repair technique. Pipe relining has a life expectancy of over half a century!
  • Economical price. Pipe relining is highly economical because it takes less effort to complete than pipe replacement.

Ultimo Tree Root Damage Repair

The high density nature of Ultimo means that tree root damage to pipes doesn’t happen as often to private residences here than in other parts of Sydney. However, when it doesn’t happen it can be just as destructive, making a quick and lasting solution a priority to ensure that there are no complications. Our specialised services start with an inspection of the pipe and removal of the roots through a high pressure jet. We then reline the pipe using epoxy resin, repairing the damage without need for excavation.


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