North Bondi Pipe Relining

North Bondi Pipe Relining

Issues with pipes, drains and sewerage systems come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple blocked toilet caused by a child flushing their favourite toy to tree roots causing serious structural damage far below the ground. The Relining Company has the knowledge and experience to diagnose your problem, and has access to the newest technology to ensure that any work done is completed with efficiency and at the high quality that every client deserves.

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In the Aboriginal language Bondi means water breaking over rock, which is particularly suitable to the North Bondi peninsula which has stunning views over the surrounding landscape. North Bondi has a long residential history and was once occupied by the famous Australian veterans the Rats of Tobruk. The mixture of historical housing, modern apartments and newer builds means that it takes an experienced plumber to understand the complexities of North Bondi’s plumbing systems.

The Relining Company has a number of plumbing services available in North Bondi year round, including:


Pipe Relining Benefits

Cracked or damaged pipes used to pose a serious problem for repairs and most often involved having to physically dig out the pipe and replace it with a new one. This was often accompanied by issues with pipe compatibility, damage to the surrounding area and significant time to repair.

The Relining Company specialises in providing a better, more streamlined alternative to pipe replacement. Pipe Relining doesn’t require excavation of the old pipe, it only needs a small keyhole to reach the damaged section of plumbing. This keyhole is used to introduce epoxy resin into the pipe to reline the walls, the epoxy resin material then hardens and becomes the new walls of the pipe without ever having to remove the old one.


This technique offers a host of benefits:


  • Less destructive. With no need to dig there is less damage to your home or backyard.
  • Quality fix. The epoxy resin hardens into an extremely durable material that has a life expectancy of 50 years.
  • More cost effective. With less time and less labour pipe relining can be up to half the price.

North Bondi root damage service

North Bondi has plenty of greenery looking for water and nutrients. Often plumbing becomes the target of their search and if they find a small fault or crack in a pipe they will begin widening the gaps with their roots causing serious structural issues.


The Relining Company uses a CCTV camera to inspect the root damage from within your pipe, we use a water lance to cut through the roots and then we employ our pipe relining technique to repair the pipe from the inside to stop the issue reoccurring.

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