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As an experienced provider of drain, sewer and pipe repair services, The Relining Company has been investing heavily in finding better, more efficient ways of performing traditional plumbing tasks. With the knowledge of 20 years in the field and the ability to combine experience with the latest technology, we have become one of Sydney’s prime providers of blocked drain services and pipe repair.

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As most who live there know Botany is the site where Captain James Cook first landed in Sydney. Botany was first an agricultural centre, then an industrial sector and finally the residential area it is today, making it one of the oldest most historic places in Sydney. This also means that its plumbing networks are old, complex and require an experienced service provider to properly maintain.


The Relining Company has a host of pipe repair and blocked drain services for Botany and surrounding areas:

No-Dig, Pipe Relining Services

Pipe relining has replaced traditional pipe replacement as the best way to repair damaged drains, sewers and pipes. While in the past pipe replacement would have required excavation of the old pipe, heavy machinery and a significant amount of time to install a new one, pipe relining can be done in a much simpler, more efficient way.

Requiring only a keyhole to reach the pipe, pipe relining works by coating the walls of the existing pipe with epoxy resin, which then solidifies into an extremely hard material, replacing your existing walls.


This provides innumerable advantages over regular pipe replacement:


  • No need to excavate. This new technique means that there is no need to excavate, meaning less damage to your garden, driveway or home.
  • Quality fix. Pipe relining uses Brawoliner material which is made in Germany and has a life expectancy of up 50 years.
  • More cost effective repair. With no excavation, less equipment and less manpower pipe relining can be significantly less expensive than pipe replacement.

Botany Tree Root Damage Services

In any suburb like Botany where there is plentiful green and a focus on nature, tree root damage to pipes is a common occurrence. Trees often find faults in pipe walls and begin widening the cracks with their roots to get at the water inside. This can often be discovered as a result of blocked drains.


The Relining Company specialises in dealing with this kind of issue. We first inspect the damage through CCTV, cut out the roots with a jet blast and reline the pipe walls for a quality finish, all without ever having the excavate.

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