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Edgecliff Pipe Relining & Repair

With over two decades spent repairing pipes and unblocking drains in and around Edgecliff, The Relining Company is one of the suburb’s must trusted plumbing service providers. With a reputation for reliability and quality repairs, we always ensure that our clients are getting the very best there is on the market today. 

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As a neighbourhood situated between the city and some of Sydney’s most beautiful harbour views, Edgecliff is one of the most prestigious suburbs in New South Wales. Formerly the site of a quarry and a residential history reaching back to the first days of European settlement, there are plenty of different structures and plumbing systems that require experience and local knowledge to properly diagnose and treat.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Edgecliff include:   



Edgecliff pipe repair

Pipe relining is a modern repair method that has proven its worth over and over again. The biggest issue with traditional methods of pipe repair is the need to dig up the old pipe. This takes time and causes significant damage to the surrounding landscape.

Pipe relining was designed as a method of repairing pipes and plumbing infrastructure without needing to excavate the damaged pipe. Leaving the pipe in the ground, pipe relining works by lining the damaged walls with epoxy resin, a material that sets and becomes extremely hard, repairing the cracks and faults without needing to remove the old pipe.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • Durable damaged pipe repair. Pipe relining is a high quality repair and has a life expectancy of 50 years!
  • No excavation required. With pipe relining there is no need to dig out the old pipe, saving you plenty of potential damage to the surroundings.
  • Pipe relining is affordable. Pipe replacement takes more labour and more time, making relining up to 50% cheaper.

Edgecliff Tree Root Damage Repair

Similar to most neighbourhoods in Sydney’s East, Edgecliff has plenty of greenery going for it. However, this also makes tree root damage to pipes common. Tree root invasions are most common in homes that were fitted with clay plumbing, which makes it easy for roots to infiltrate the pipe and siphon off the water inside. Once the tree grabs hold it starts to damage the pipe as the roots grow causing a blocked drain..


Repairing this type of damage is one of The Relining Company’s strengths. We delve into the pipe with a camera and water lance and cut through the roots, and then reline the pipe’s walls with epoxy resin, covering any cracks of faults the tree might have created.

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